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“Finding right partner for software development is the key to successful software solutions.”

The year 1996 saw the establishment of INFOCRATS Web Solutions Pvt Ltd as just a start-up IT firm. Being a full grown IT company with a market foothold of more than a decade, we can safely say that it was not a granted wish, but lots of hard work and focused endeavors that brought us here. We are headquartered in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, the heart of India and have footprints in USA.

Our Expertise

Our Expertise


Our Services

Creating diverse, effective and super customized software solutions for corporate concerns since 1996.

Web Applications

Give the optimum business experience to customers

Are your business processes complex and eating up your time and money?

If yes, then it's time for a web application. But how would that help, you wonder?

You’ll get all your answers once the web application development automates into web development making your business life easier. But why come to us? Because we have been creating diverse, effective and super customized software solutions for corporate concerns since 1996 and are equipped with the latest technology trends helping you gain a competitive edge. Our quality speaks for itself as we only rely on mature quality assurance standards.

“What can we create for you?” changes to “ Where do we create miracles?”

What can we create for you?

  • Business Web Application
  • CRM & ERP Application
  • Productivity & Utility Application
  • Conceptual Application
  • Industrial Application
  • Marketing and sales Application
“We don’t believe in One Size Fit All – We Develop Custom Web Application:”
“One Solution doesn't fit all; Hence, we develop customized web applications

Whether you are our 1 st client or our 100 th , you are precious to us. When it comes to our custom business application development services, we assure a 100% satisfaction to you.

That’s because only after a careful consultation with you and understanding of your requirements, we will start the development process.

We guarantee-

  • Absorbing your Work Style Our Web application services are customized to imbibe your work process. Without insisting changes that you repel, it extends your operational efficiency and makes sure to smoothly absorb your current working style for your suitability.
  • Effortless Scaling Scaling from web to mobile application and vice versa can give you a headache. But with our flexible integration and scalable system, we can pull this off.
  • Shaping your web architecture We craft the perfect mix of simple and attractive web architecture for your business. Not only fancy, but our designs also save your precious time and enormous operational costs.
  • Together Everyone Achieves More We would need you more than you would need us, because you know your business better, and we never forget that. We make sure to give immense importance to your valuable insights and work as a team with you.
Developing the right web application for your business takes


Suitable Strategy+ Rich Resources = Assured Success

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Mobile Applications

Developing intuitive UI with great functionality

“Creating Values at Your Convenience “

With rising inclination towards time saving and convenient solutions, you cannot stay away from mobile applications for long. Whether it is a customer centric app or a mobile application that boosts operational efficiency of your business, we can develop all for you. We are award winning mobile app development company in Indore. We offer proven track record of value added mobile solutions for society, industries, organizations, and administrative departments. If you are thinking that a mobile website completely meets your purpose than you might miss the opportunity of being right into your customer’s pocket, while giving them the ease of communication at the same time. A mobile application is easy to operate and may work even without internet connectivity. So, why miss even a single chance to engage your audience?

Customized Mobile App Solutions- Right at your fingertips.

Our expert developers in India create custom mobile application solution that perfectly matches to our client’s individual needs. With an diverse experience in working on mobile application projects from different domains like – administrative departments, corporate concerns, NGO’s and educational institutes, we know how to design a solution that can best solve your purpose. Our customized mobile services have not only helped clients enjoy better platform to interact but has enhanced their operational efficiency too. We work on concepts and ideas that create an innovative solution for our clients.

Why us –We deliver mobile applications that create value

  • We are pioneer as best Mobile Application Development company in Central India.
  • Enjoy 100% Quality assurance on all mobile applications with 24*7 support facility.
  • We offer cross functional mobile app development.
  • We offer wide ranging mobile solutions, which also include gaming app, and mobile solutions for NGO etc.
  • Posses experience in working with diverse domains.
  • Offer exceptional user experience.

Right Strategy + Expertise Resources = Success

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Design & Development

Providing best viewing experience across devices

The first thing a potential customer visiting your website does is “look at it”. So before your services could impress him, he should be impressed with a strong visual strategy. This would position your business and engage your target audience like never before. Now, in order to pull off such a huge task, won’t you want someone reliable? Who better than Infocrats Web Solutions Pvt Ltd; a company which is one of the best professional web design company in Central India Zone. Giving you wings by providing cutting edge web development services and specializing in simple static websites, huge CMS websites and e-commerce portals we definitely become your best choice.

“Paint your imaginations bright, with the colors of our web designing services”

Why are our web designing services bright and right for you? Because we know exactly how to apply the latest design trends to give the right color to your project. At Infocrats, each website design strategy imbibes the exact theme to suit your purpose. Our focus is always set on user experience and so are our web solutions.
“From business websites to entertainment websites we outdo them all“

  • Landing Pages
  • Flash website design
  • Static website design
  • Responsive website design
  • CMS solutions
  • E-banners
  • Graphic Design/ Logo Design/ Brochures

Make The Perfect Appearance On The Web With Our Web Development Solutions

Gift the best user experience to your customers by hiring us!

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Online Marketing

Changing the online presence of your business

In this ever-growing technological world, marketing without an online platform is like a carriage without horses. The question is,Do you have an online marketing strategy to expand your reach?

Take a step further-

With all those competitors grabbing the best of it, do you really want to be left behind? With the expansion of the World Wide Web, it’s obvious that your business needs to grow on web space and for that you need to adapt outstanding online marketing services helping you dig out the best from the online world.

Don’t worry, we’ll help!

Secure your place in Search Results

You guessed it right! We are talking about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When competing for best ranks, the randomness of the search engine algorithm often becomes a challenge. To swim through this flood and come out on top, you would need uniquely qualified SEO professionals. That's where we come in with our guns blazing. By identifying loopholes and tracing the exact requirement with our very first audit we get your hands on the suitable strategy. Of course you should be able to analyze the progress yourself, for which we provide monthly reports of the same.

Your presence matters:

Here, we are referring to your social media presence. When making this presence you will need a clear visibility. That's because a social media platform has become a very strong interaction place for your customers, and your presence here highly affects their buying decision. With the best SMO services in India we also provide you with an outstanding online strategy helping you engage your target audience throughout the web. Like this, our experts help you maintain fantastic customer relations.

How we do what we do?

Why should we be the one for you?
  • Cheap? No. Simply Worth It? A BIG YES.
  • Captivating web content services
  • What’s special about our SEO process? It’s organic.
  • Right strategies and right flavors leading to right internet marketing platforms.
  • Unique SEO consulting services to help you get noticed.


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Our Outstanding Projects

Campus First

Campus First

Employee First

Employee First

Community First

Community First

City Bus Indore App (AiCTSL)

City Bus Indore App (AiCTSL)



Find a Truck-Transporter

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Clean City Ujjain

Clean City Ujjain

City Bus Indore (AiCTSL)

City Bus Indore (AiCTSL)

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