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"Each day we start with a goal, carry it with efforts & end with achievement"

It was long back in the year 1996, when INFOCRATS Web Solutions Pvt Ltd was just a start up IT firm.
With years of dedicated and focused endeavors, we are now a full grown IT company with market foothold of more than a decade.


Design & Development

An appealing website design sets a strong base to your visual strategy, it facilitates in positioning your business and engaging your target audience.

Web Applications

We create effective customized software solutions for corporate concerns from various industrial backgrounds.



Online Marketing

World Wide Web is getting wider and wider, just a website is not enough to help you grow on web space. Online marketing lets you utilize this stage to the fullest.

Mobile Applications

We are award winning mobile application developers in India. We work on concepts that create a strong value for our clients.

Our Best Creations

What our clients say

  • Manny Corti (Executive Assistant to the President), Cooper Pest Solutions

    I just used the copy media function on Daily Ritual. MY all day project was just reduced to 15min.! If no one has told you how much you are appreciated today, let me fill in that situation. YOU are ALL greatly appreciated! Thank you very much for your work and applications. You are the best of the best not to mention you made my day today!
  • Sandip Soni, Ibus

    Ibus application and website has been really helpful in creating smooth communication with public and enhancing their convenience. The mobile application is an informational tool created for citizens of Indore. They can now easily browse bus stops, calculate fares and look for shortest route. They can have direct communication with us through this mobile application. We are very impressed with the amazing utility created by INFOCRATS team.
  • Sanjay Dubey, Body Organ

    Indore society for organ donation has been thankful to INFOCRATS for creating such a unique platform through a web application. Our society had a single aim of bringing right help to a needy. The web application created by their team seamlessly addressed all the aspects by connecting donors, recipients, doctors and NGO. Now any person willing to become a donor can register via website and thus hospitals get notified. This automated system had helped many doctors and recipients in making successful transplants.
  • Manish Singh (MD), MP AKVN

    AKVN is an industrial development corporation. We had a complex and time consuming system for water and lease billing. INFOCRATS developed a robust web application for our internal working that has effectively automated our water and lease billing process. Moreover, our work flow of online land allotment has been immensely simplified and our customers can easily book land plots through website. The web application is integrated with GIS that has effectively boosted our online land allotment process. We are now enjoying error free quick work flow.
  • Bobby Jenkins, ABC Austin

    ABC home and commercials is our family owned business since 64 years. Thanks to INFOCRATS. We have now been able to reduce our dependency on paper (and the associated printing costs). Additionally our process of calculating prices and proposals for our customers has become very easy and fast. The customer ends up with an easy to read, more comprehensive proposal, and our sales inspectors are less burdened by multiple forms and paperwork. I sincerely recommend Quacito and their fine team of software and mobile applications, professionals.
  • Artesia Springs, Laura Garza

    We required a fresh look for our bottled water supply brand – Artesia Springs. Our expectations were rightly matched by INFOCRATS team. Their knowledge is impeccable. They ensured that each aspect is perfectly covered and we stayed up-to-date in the entire process. We are now able to process online orders and payments, which has really boosted our business and reach. Even if we are closed or away from business our website is ready 24*7 to take new orders. We look forward to our continued business with them.
  • Sakura, Julia Reed

    It has been over five years that we have been working with INFOCRATS, and it has produced wonderful web based solutions for Sakura. We are still working with them and are truly impressed with their positive attitude, willingness to work for our requirements and energy. With their expertise and experience they have always recommended potential solutions to us. This has always helped us in taking quality decisions.
  • Pete Villemain – President, EBS

    We have worked with INFOCRATS on a major software project. With their expertise in web application development, we are able to combine two departments into one and thereby, saving up to 20% of manpower resource requirement. Earlier, we used complete paper based work process, which was then transformed into an automated system developed by the INFOCRATS team. With this transformation we have not only increased our profits, but our clients and employees are now enjoying complete access to benefit information. We would definitely recommend INFOCRATS.
  • Mary Lumley, France, UK

    I have been very impressed with the personal and speedy support you have provided to us. Your tool 4stepwebsite.com is really easy to use and enabled us to quickly get a website up and running. You have a good selection of templates. I really appreciate the implementation of a couple of small modifications which I suggested. You listen to your customers. Your customer service is great. Your website service is great.
  • Gregg Stanley, TX, USA

    I would simply say - "WONDERFUL JOB done by your team both at USA and India". Your teams have full coordination and well tuned for efficient working and to take maximum advantage of DAY/NIGHT difference. The best part is that you understand clients requirements first, and produce better output after properly analyzing the things. I am really impressed with your suggestions time to time for further improvements. That shows your involvement in the project.

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