7 UI Mistakes That Can Affect Android App Development

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Mastering a preferable and appealing mobile app experience is quite challenging. Most Android app designers and developers face problems in developing an intuitive user experience. One of the reasons behind this situation can be that Android platform has certain restrictions for building an application. Read 7 UI mistakes that can affect Android app development Indore and try to avoid making any of these.

The common Android UI mistakes include –
1. Poor App Design – Mixing UI with UX leads to poor app design. UI/UX of any application is supposed to enhance at every phase of the development procedure and even after app launch.
2. Too Many Features – Before developing any Android application, it is essential to know that it should have relevant features. Too many features make UI/UX design complex and disallow app to run it smoothly.
3. Wrong Updates Estimation – Updates require manual confirmation from some users, which is a big challenge. It is essential that the entire updates should rightly be estimated and tested to improve user experience on mobile devices.
4. Background Without Proper Contrast – It has become evident that the light color combination gives great look and feel and now has become the trend. So, always, choose a background with proper contrast and make an appealing app design.
5. Same UI/UX for Various Platforms – It is irksome and the biggest mistake when an Android application is designed as duplicate of its version on iOS platform. This degrades the user experience of the application.
6. Lack of Social Media Management – Today, social media presence is the quite significant for any business or individual. It helps to gain online brand reputation and portray your popularity. A app designer should try to have more number of social media links.
7. Disvalue Target Audience – Knowing target audience can make a mobile app successful. The extraordinary plans can’t work without valuing the target audience along with an app design concept.

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