Accentuate Your Business with Excellent UX

Accentuate Your Business with Excellent UX

There is no secret if you want to be successful in your business. You always have to provide your customers and clients with a good user experience. Sometimes, you fail to realize that it’s not enough to provide great customer service in person or over the call. Many of your clients or prospects will go through your business online first, so every element of your company’s website should be excellent if you want to offer a fantastic user experience to your new visitors.

The value of UX is often ignored by companies because they give priority to their advertising campaigns and sales. In fact, a better UX design of your website paves the way for better business. According to the data gathered by Adobe, the market share of creative design firms is 1.5 times higher and companies that are focusing on design and usability have surpassed their performance by 215%. These striking stats are enough to rush for a great UX design.

UX is different for everyone but the foremost thing to keep in mind when designing a website is that though you have designed the product, you might not be a prospect who might browse the website. Hence, we cannot assume what a user wants or how they need it.

Why does UX have to be good?

User experience nowadays is important because it fulfills the visitor’s needs. UX aims to provide amazing experiences that keep them loyal to the product or service. Additionally, website design companies believe in creating a great user experience because it allows clients to define customer journeys on your product. 

Now, we are going to list some key factors to improve your website for the best user experience. You will soon start focusing on your website design to have happier customers, bring in more leads, and build a strong relationship with customers.

1. Colors and Fonts that are Readable

Choosing the right color combinations and font style is something that website designers spend a lot of time thinking about when planning out a website. Of course, designers also want the layout to look beautiful and they also try to make it easy for your users through the use of the best layout, typography, and color choices.

Remember, what is easy for you to read may be difficult for the users. That is why website design companies put years of expertise in choosing the right colors and fonts for your website so that it can express your brand identity while giving the best experience to website visitors.

2. Optimize for Fast Loading Speed

Any website that takes more than 3 seconds to open loses roughly half of its traffic. According to Google, pages loading within 5 seconds experience longer sessions and approx 30-40% bounce rates. Therefore, to ensure the best user experience of your website, your pages should be optimized. When a user sees a website on mobile that is slow or clumsy, he/she simply moves to a competitor’s website. Even a well-designed site or eCommerce store can perform badly if they have a high loading time. Consider using free tools like Google Page Speed Insights or GT Matrix to find out how quickly your pages load and whether your site is mobile-friendly or not.

3. Add a Clear Call-to-action

It’s common to forget to add a clear CTA button on every page when you’re focused on other important elements like the look, feel, and page layout of the site. However, CTA’s are a must for your website and they deserve their own special attention from the designers and clients.

Make sure your website pages have at least one compelling call-to-action for example a link to sign-up for an account, a download button, subscribe to your blog, downloadable files, contact form that help users to take action. This can be as simple as linking to your internal pages from your homepage or as difficult as offering an online scheduling tool that allows your users to book an appointment from your service.

Ultimately, there should be no page on your site where a user would think, how do I take the next step or how do I learn more about this company.

4. Catch Broken Pages

You know the experience when you click on a page URL but instead of getting the webpage for that product or service, an error comes saying that the page is not available. This error is often called ”404” error which is the standardized HTTP status code meaning that the page you wanted to browse was not found on the server. Never ignore 404 pages since in most cases it drives traffic away from your website. Ask the best website development company to catch 404 errors and fix them by logging into your Webmaster by clicking on crawl errors.

In addition, you must have a custom 404 page with a friendly message or an entertaining image. Know more about do’s and don’ts of website designing here!

5. Use White Spaces

If you want to make your users feel comfortable while navigating your site by helping them process data more quickly, use white spaces. It is an active element that adds more breathing space when it comes to excellent UI. White space is often called negative space and it creates a visual hierarchy, highlighting USPs,  keeping the site look clean, and making the website design more pleasant to look at.

So, what do you think? Isn’t  UX the backbone of your website? The process is simple for experienced web designers but within the process, there are several techniques and methods you can choose to accomplish the goal of improving UX.

User Experience increases the probability of conversions from the users and it is important to create a successful presence on the Internet. At INFOCRATS, we use years of experience, skills, and knowledge to address the needs of our clients from diverse industries including education, hospitality, healthcare, finance, etc. We provide effective UX design that simplifies the web experience and provides value to your old and new visitors.

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