Top 6 Benefits of Ecommerce App for Startups and SMEs

ecommerce apps for startups

Did you know that for making up approximately 15% of the goods traded globally, the business of eCommerce is increasing with each passing day? Nowadays, eCommerce has been marking a great position in startups as well as SME’s for their overall productivity and growth perspective.

The best way to dive deep into the eCommerce business, you should have an e-commerce app that helps in doing business online and make your business mobile-ready. With the help of an interactive eCommerce app for startups and SMEs, you can win customers’ hearts, grab their mind share, and also, a good wallet share online.

Have a look at some of the benefits of eCommerce app for startups and SMEs-


Benefits of Ecommerce App for Startups and SMEs


  1. Expand Business Network Globally-

Through ecommerce app development, you can be benefited with an opportunity of global reach. You can sell your products and services offered to the customers all around the world. It helps you expand start-up’s as well as SME’s network across the geographical borders and reach different countries.

Consumers are allowed to research and grab the products online and compare different choices available there. In addition to this, you can optimize your ecommerce application to enhance its visibility to be viewed by valuable customers worldwide.


  1. Offer Amazing Deals and Discounts-

Being a business owner, you should understand that lucrative deals and discounts grab the attention of customers and this is how you can generate more revenue to your business. Once you develop an ecommerce application, you can offer great deals and discounts on several products and thus, a huge draw among online shopping freaks.

A recent study suggests that nearly 70% of the respondents acquired or shopped something through mobile applications due to high discounts/coupon availability.


  1. Boost Business Sales to a Great Extent-

Ecommerce app development benefits low barriers to a successful business. An ecommerce application for a leading business helps in increasing annual online sales. It provides a new way to business for different people such as rural workers, housewives, young entrepreneurs and some developing countries too.

With the progression in web technologies and trends, an online presence through an app can be set up at affordable rates rather than making a physical store for selling/buying goods. This helps in allowing distinguished start-ups and SMEs to set up online in terms of ecommerce solutions.


  1. Fast Loading Shopping Interface-

Fast loading shopping interface is a significant element to scale up your ecommerce business. When an ecommerce app has faster loading time, an ecommerce business can score more. As in, the customers don’t need to face the problems of opening the web browser and type the particular product name in the URL, and then wait for the web page to load.

One can easily click on the app icons and deal further. Always remember that there is no such ecommerce based software developed that can match the effortlessness of a fully functional and fast loading ecommerce mobile app to scale up the business.

  1. Free Online Marketing is Possible-

Tapping the latent of the ecommerce application for start-ups and SMEs as a good marketing channel is crucial. If any users sign up, you will have a list of a subscriber that can be utilized for marketing campaigns and products promotion in future. You can market your products or services by sending push notifications to the people who have already subscribed to your marketing channel or have your app installed on their mobile devices.

It is noted that push notifications in applications boast read rate to nearly 95% and out of which 90% notifications are read within 5 minutes of time record.

  1. Cost Saving is Another Benefit-

An eCommerce app helps in automating the product purchasing process, facilitating check-in and check-out, invoicing the payment process and thereby, reducing the requirement of additional staff for managing different business activities.

E-commerce applications provide relatively less-cost engagement with valuable customers and endorsing the business to innumerable new customers. Hence, start-ups and SMEs can save a bulk of money on traditional advertising and other marketing activities.

The best thing about these apps is the benefit of safe and secure online payment options. Users are allowed to use highly secure payment gateways and thus, pay using UPI id, credit card, debit card or PayPal. The privacy of user’s data and data confidentiality is truly ensured.

Final Takeaway-

Ecommerce apps are designed and developed with customized features that help in engaging users, filtering of products, enhancing customers’ interest and thus, augmenting business success. Ecommerce mobile apps provide a larger view of customer choices, online transactions and related activities. This, in turn, polishes business, its marketing plans, and offers elaborated user information.

E-commerce application & website development requires an all-inclusive understanding of the impression and the goal of the business. For appealing ecommerce app development, you need the right assistance from expert mobile app developers.

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