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As the Mansarovar lake echoes divine scintillations that pacify the human soul and the waves sing divine music that lifts and transcends ones consciousness, music also takes us to eternity, the realm of the divine. One can feel the same ecstasy when he/she practices the subtle notes of Indian classical music.

Twin sisters Abha & Vibha Chaurasia have brought a few drops of this divine nectar after practicing Indian classical music right from their childhood. Their father Shri Ramnarayan Chaurasia and mother Smt. Madhubala Chaurasia inspired, supported and encouraged them, taught them to pursue the most subtle aspects of classical music. Traversing in the vast ocean of Indian Classical Music Abha & Vibha have dedicated their life and soul to music. They sing from their heart so as to take the listener to the realm of eternal bliss, in toto, they rightly say that the sole motto of their singing is to elevate their own consciousness and to uplift the consciousness of their audiences. “Abha & Vibha, the singers of Gwalior Gharana are the only female vocalists in Northern Indian Classical Music who sing Jugalbandi (duet).”

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The Client wants to develop a static and informative website. They need to have a very simple website with a minimal look and feel. 

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  • Informative Website
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