Rakesh Jain

I entered the world of technology with a simple curiosity. My mind wondered what the advancing technology could do. I was always intrigued in analyzing the true capabilities of technology in the modern day. Finally, it dawned upon me, that there is no limit to what the upcoming technological aids are capable of doing. From that time on, I headed towards one goal in my life and built a career around it. A simple curiosity, leading to a huge discovery, eventually led to this goal. The aim has been to use technology for touching the lives of as many people as possible. Therefore, I focus on inventions in the technological arena that lend a helping hand to the society and make their lives simpler.

Rakesh Jain

Nitesh Jain


For a long time, I had one dream. It was to make other people’s dreams come true. I figured there were many ways to do the same, but I wanted the most efficient one. After discovering many possibilities, I found what I was looking for, somewhere in the world of technologies. Given that all lives in this age are surrounded by technological advancements, I knew that this is what would become my wand for making my dream come true. From then on, I’ve been using technology for fulfilling the dreams that people dream. And in it, I see my dream come true every single day. So, if you have a dream, we have technology that will fulfill it.