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With our award-winning skills, we curate result-driven digital marketing strategies.

How Do We Work?

Being a full-service digital marketing company in Indore, INFOCRATS Web Solutions helps you to build your brand and develop it like a top industry leader. We excel at offering digital marketing services worldwide. 

With a team of handpicked dedicated professionals as our digital marketing specialists, we make integrated digital marketing strategies and provide extraordinary internet marketing and SEO services for increasing traffic on your website. Eventually, this would enhance the revenue of your growing business. 

Considering a proactively creative approach, our carefully curated digital marketing team ensures the best results that come out of unique and groundbreaking marketing efforts.

Our Digital Marketing Services

Our digital marketing masters have created a list of the most disruptive digital marketing services that boost your business, in the online world:
SEO marketing

Orient your website so that it ranks higher on a search engine results page. This is how you receive more traffic


Using social media networks to manage and grow an organization's message and online presence.


A very data-rich field of advertising giving you a very granular level of data, and ad control.

Content marketing

Creating a strategic marketing approach that focuses on creating/distributing relevant, valuable, as well as consistent content attracting and retaining customers.

Start building my online presence.

Our Process

Your step-by-step journey with us

In this step, our team collects information with the help of rigorous research that becomes the raw material for strategizing & creating a digital marketing campaign. This is where we understand the business values that you want to put out. We go way back into history, to know your business from its core.


At this stage, our experienced team members start creating objectives, strategies, plans, and primary digital identities. All of this is curated especially keeping in mind, your unique business needs. We do not believe in ‘one size fits all’, so we make a customized plan for you.


This step focuses on generating relevant traffic. To promote we would use all channels of digital marketing like Search Engines, Display Networks, Ecommerce Portals, Social Media, Email, Messaging as well as Affiliates, etc. We put our heart and soul into promoting your business like it’s our own.


At this step, we get you acquainted with Google Analytics. It is widely popular in order to generate analytics of primary digital identities. Our team relies on the analysis of the 4 major sections of Google Analytics including Audiences, Acquisition, Behavior, and Conversion. This is one of our top skills.


Based on analysis & observations of our professionals, we start fine-tuning. The changes may occur in the primary digital identities or the marketing channels used for marketing. There may even be changes in the content & design of the identities & promotional communication as well. Everything happens by keeping you fully aware.

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