Do’s And Don’ts of Web Designing

web designing dos and donts

Web designing is an art, that comes under the broad term of web development. It possesses many do’s and don’ts. Any responsive web development company in Indore would know this.

There are a certain amount of actions that are great when taken and actions that can cause a design to go majorly wrong as well. Hence, before stepping into becoming an artist of this art, one should acknowledge and understand these do’s and don’ts.
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Following are the two most imperative points that come under the umbrella of the do’s of web designing:

1. Maintaining consistency of the interface:

When it comes to following principles while web designing, the foremost and most important one in the UX department are to be consistent with the interface. The overall look and feel of the design should be consistent throughout all pages of a website. That matching with professionally executed development by a responsive web development company in Indore would make the website an ideal one.

2. Designing that has easy-to-use navigation:

The very foundation of usability is navigation. Therefore, it becomes the key point of interaction on the internet. This simply ensures that a user can easily and quickly find whatever they are looking for on the website. Not to mention, this appeals to a user more than anything. Even if a customer gets custom software and the looks of it are mind-blowing, but the user-friendliness is opposite, the user would not be satisfied.

Following are two important points that count as the don’ts of web designing:

1. Don’t use too many typefaces or colors on your website:

Using many different types of fonts throughout the website look messy as well as cluttered. It disconnects the user from the motive of actually taking in the information and registering it clearly in their minds. For the same reasons, you shouldn’t be using too many colors as well. Imagine executing a solid web development and then losing the essence of it because of such a tiny flaw in web designing.

2. Don’t play background music:
Some designers feel that background music works, and they are not entirely wrong. It does, but only in specific cases. For example, it might be a good idea for a promo website. However, it should be completely avoided when it comes to any other website. For starters, it is annoying for the visitors especially when they’re visiting the website at work, or in a public place, etc.

Just tiptoe around the do’s and don’ts mentioned above for WordPress website development or web development in either platform, and you’ll be able to see wonders in your outcomes!
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