How Corona Has Impacted Businesses in 2020?

how covid is impacting

Did you know that Corona has made a ripple influence on the global economy? Corona is continually spreading worldwide at a faster pace. There are cases in almost every country including India, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and many more. 

Based on the current status of this pandemic situation almost all businesses are shut down and people are facing a global mess which in turn leads to a huge loss to business growth. As per the recent study, businesses have been affected a lot. Nowadays global shares have taken a hit and thus, impacting an individual’s hard-earned money. 

Have a look at how different industrial sectors are impacted by this corona epidemic – 

  • IT Industry: Today, it seems to be quite typical to crack fresh deals on IT projects and recommend good analytics to potential clients. Big multinational Information Technology-based companies are likely to see growth slow down due to this virus in the first half of the year 2020. In the forthcoming days, IT businesses might feel pricing pressure and annual income loss due to lockdown in India and other global countries.
    However, Government officials, law enforcement agencies and healthcare businesses need software and mobile apps that can give right information related to the Corona crisis, give details of doctors and online food order etc. Here, you can say IT industries would not suffer as much loss as other industries. In addition, IT employees are working from home and managing their tasks well. So, it is clear that corona has impacted the IT sector, but not at a very high level.
  • Healthcare Industry: The lockdown triggered due to coronavirus pandemic is noticeable in the healthcare industry. As reported by global data, more than 90% of the healthcare experts are concerned about the impact caused to corona. Healthcare industries are facing twin-burden. On one side they are dealing with a huge drop in surgeries and operations. And, on another side, they are adding more manpower, machines, and other resources for assuring safety in hospitals as well as better treatment of patients. Ultimately, it is deeply impacting the financial aspect of the healthcare sector.
  • Transportation Industry: You are well aware that the way of life has been changed after the spread of COVID-19 pandemic across the world. Transport industries are combating with the newest challenges and facing issues in revenue generation. The hustle with which these impressions have been felt is noteworthy as a local passageway, national or international airlines, national railways and road transportation are experiencing a fall in their customers. 
  • Technology & Telecommunication Industry: Telecommunication industries are facing a big challenge in keeping people connected without any technical faults or network loss. As more workforces are being asked to work from home, the telecommunication industry faces the outlook of stuck initiatives and neglected partnership chances. However, these industries have also found openings to provide complete assistance in keeping people healthy and safe. Some companies are scrambling to create technology like videoconferencing and help citizens to know about the coronavirus.
  • Agriculture Industry: It’s a worst-case scenario that the pressure of this corona pandemic results in a loss in the income of farmers also. Due to novel coronavirus disease, the demand for green vegetables and fruits have been decreased to a higher extent. Lockdown has heightened the rural economy under stress and farm leaders are in complete distress to earn money. If this pandemic continues for a few more months, then the agricultural sector would face a sudden drop in agricultural production. Besides, trading in the agricultural sector could be a perilous barricade due to the corona effect. 
  • Education Industry: As the corona virus spread across the globe, alarm bells are sounding in India, UK, the US and other countries in the educational industry. Now, approximately 80 countries have announced school closures and delayed examinations. They are trying to offer educational services to students using technology via smartphones or laptops. The influence on an education business is expected to cause damages in terms of knowledge upshots and dropout rates. Some children have fewer opportunities for online education and learning at home, which results in missing work and awareness. 
  • Tour & Travel Industry: Corona virus has devastated the travel business a lot more than any other business. The impact of this epidemic on the travel sector is almost 7 times greater than any other industries. Although unquestionable, social distancing and staying at home like agendas are crippling the tourism business. No people are allowed to go outside their cities, states, or countries, which is somehow making the travel industry the hardest hit of the corona outbreak.  

The bottom line is, 

Corona outbreak costs to small, medium-sized, and large scale businesses and all these industries have gone to hell. Since, the outbreak forces the cancellation of projects, trips, social gatherings, traveling, and many more, the financial damage is mounting around the globe.

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