How to increase relevant traffic through content marketing?

content marketing

Today, content marketing is valuable! Having quality traffic on your content is equally important. Did you know, why so?

You can ask content marketing experts the same question and they will tell you “happy customers in bulk”. The most often that comes after the potential customers is their wish list and they will only retain to your website if you are fulfilling their demands with your unique products and services! This is one of the simplest ways to acquire more traffic to a website. The same criterion goes with the content.

According to HubSpot, marketing gigs who love doing effective blogging are 10 times more likely to get a good return on investment. If you want consistent and competent search traffic on the content, and don’t know where to initialize, read the strategies mentioned in this blog post.  

There are various ways available that help in increasing the relevant traffic through content marketing- 

(1)  Think About Your Audience First: Talking about search engine optimization, you might know that you are allowed to optimize your blog content by putting the right keywords such as long-tail keywords. These keywords help in targeting the right audience and twigging potential customers to you.

It depends on three factors mainly- 

1.1 Targeting Specific Audience Group- Whenever you think about the traffic quality, think about your specific audience group. Always check who is your audience, what issues they are facing, and many more!

1.2 Write SEO Friendly Content: To write SEO-friendly content, do in-depth keyword research, and mention the keywords rightly. This helps in improving website visibility.

1.3 Create Content on the Basis of User’s Problems- It is important to mention the user’s problems in content and give answers to the queries of the users.

(2) Utilize Long-tail Keywords: It is a good practice to perform in-depth research of keywords and hyperlink them. Utilizing long-term keywords helps in increasing the content reach. Long-tail keywords help in allowing you to find out certain keywords and sentences that the search engine loves! These types of keywords are lengthier and more precise keyword phrases that people are more expected to use when they are near to the point-of-sale or looking for some product/service online. This gives high-quality traffic on the search engines to get the content, a user is searching for.

(3) Promote Blog on Social Media: Social media is creating a buzz in the world these days. There are different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and many more are available. It is recommended to share and promote the links to the blog post. You are allowed to share and promote old content on these social media accounts at regular time intervals all through the day. This will assist you to get more relevant traffic from social media by enhancing your blog visibility and also, keeping your profiles more active. Luckily, you are allowed to automate social media promotion with tools such as HootSuite and Buffer. Using these tools, you can revive old social posts.

(4) Give Internal Links to Content- Internal links helps in connecting your content to the audience. It gives some ideas to search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing about the website structure. When you interlink blogs, you will be allowed to provide more link value to the important web pages and blog posts. Internal links are specific links from one web page on the same website to another web page. It is suggested to add internal links from high-authority web pages to those pages that require a boost for enhancing their performance on the search engines. 

(5) Link Building is Must- Link building is a must factor for increasing quality traffic on the website as backlinks help in improving the ranking of a website. Whatever content you have written on the website, it is recommended to generate quality backlinks from it. The number of backlinks generated from top-ranking websites is quite helpful in co-relating specific products or services with the relevant organic search traffic. The only disadvantage of link building is that it is a time consuming and tedious process for a specialist person to work on. 

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