Latest Digital Marketing Trends 2021

Latest Digital Marketing Trends 2021

As we all know that the year 2020 was unforeseeable due to the COVID-19 pandemic! Almost every business is turning online for selling products and services. Now, it’s high time to move ahead and reshape the landscape of digital marketing.

Every online business owner needs to adopt the latest digital marketing trends and work in the new normal for better results. But, what are the fundamental digital marketing trends 2021 that a business should consider to attract more customers and retain potential customers that can generate more traffic, leads, and ROI?     

Here are the latest digital marketing trends 2021 to consider- 

1. Featured Snippet- Featured snippets are selected search results that Google uses to answer the questions of the users, without the users’ need to click anything.

digital marketing trends 2021
A featured snippet is generally featured on the top organic search results and below the ads in a box. It helps in giving additional brand exposure in search results. However, it is quite challenging to rank featured snippets and give specific information that can raise customer’s interest.

2. Live Streaming-Today, live streaming is gaining popularity to a higher extent and more than 85% of the digital marketers are using video marketing to gain momentum.   digital marketing trends 2021

On average, 75-85% of the businesses are using video live streaming for giving product demos, the behind-the-scenes screenplay of the professional brand, interviews, and a lot more.      

Through live streaming, you can be benefited from a direct conversation with your potential consumers or specific targeted audience. This will help you to make your audience feel more comfortable and connected to the brand. Besides, the options of live support, doubt clearing sessions, and tours are also available.       

3. Voice Search- Although, voice search is not a part of the Google search algorithm. But, it is a better way to determine various results that users are searching for than doing a text-based search.

digital marketing trends 2021
In terms of search engine optimization, it is the best way to get information with the help of voice search components for people. 
In 2021 and the upcoming years, digital marketing specialists need to optimize their content and work to make it voice-friendly. This would assist in increasing the overall searchability and visibility of the content.  

4. Dark Design Patterns – Dark pattern is one of the best digital marketing trends in 2021. It is a kind of user interface that is designed to trick users and increase conversion.

digital marketing trends 2021

The pattern of dark designs has come into the picture from the growth hacking perspective where teams of conversion rate optimization have certain targets to get sales. Dark patterns help in aligning the content and interaction with the specific business objectives! The major key to focus on, is to implement dark design patterns to accomplish the user’s goal. 

5. Social Messaging Application- Nowadays, social media or social messaging applications are much more than simply sending emojis to your family or friends online.

digital marketing trends 2021

People are spending 2-3rd of their overall time on social messaging with each other! Thus, it makes true sense to market the product and service offerings of your company on social media. A recent Statista report suggests that there are billions of people using the Facebook messenger application! Almost 10 billion messages are sent between businesses and customers on Facebook Messenger every month.   

Coming next to the WhatsApp messaging app, there are nearly 1.5 billion active users, and more than 55 billion messages are sent every day.   

6. Responsive Search Ads- Responsive search ads are categorized under automation and are powered with Artificial marketing trends 2021

Responsive search ads help Google to optimize ad copy, headlines, call-to-action based on the search terms and targeted audience. It eliminates the hassle of figuring out the headlines and related short description tasks. As you will get approximately 15 headlines and 4 short descriptions to create productive ads for the most valuable consumers.        

7. AI-Enabled Chat Box: Artificial Intelligence-enabled chat box helps consumers to give a human-touch while shopping online. digital marketing trends 2021

The AI-enabled chatbox can speak to customers in complete sentences thereby giving answers to their questions that arise during shopping. The remarkable thing is that it will give the illusion like any human is interacting and involving the customers in the process.                               

8. Visual Search- With this digital marketing trend 2021, instead of writing some description into Google, now people will be able to upload images and get details about an item.

digital marketing trends 2021

For example- If you have uploaded a photo of any plant on Google search engine, the result comes out to be the historical data of the plant. When any user searches product information on Google, they will see similar products and the store offering the same product. To use visual search for your leading business, you need to add appealing images with relevant descriptive images! 

9. Online Reviews & Ratings- Online Reviews and ratings play a significant role in maintaining brand value online. It can either make or break the company’s reputation to a good level.

digital marketing trends 2021
When a company talks about the particular product and service offerings, the customers can give real feedback and reviews online! Any positive review from the verified source can help your business to stand out from the market crowd and start developing trust in viewers.

10. Employee Engagement- Employee engagement helps in developing a good online community that will speak about your company and shares their individual experience on social/professional platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. 

digital marketing trends 2021

It is recommended to post events, articles, welcome messages to get more engagement and traffic! LinkedIn is a great example of how you can increase employee engagement in a unique way. You can encourage employees to talk about their company experiences and share their interesting work stories. 

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