Big Ideas That Can Roll Out for Mobile App Development During Pandemic COVID-19

mobile app development during covid

Regardless of which industry you are running, you must make your business accessible via mobile phones. To run a successful business, you should go for mobile app development and should have some ideas to develop an amazing mobile app. However, COVID-19 has entirely shocked the mobile app development industry in the current 2020 year and the effect will be shown for the next 2-5 years. Now, app developers need to focus on new ways to deal with this corona crisis using the latest technology and trends.

COVID-19 crisis is impacting the Mobile App Development Industry! Converting your dream idea into an interactive mobile app is worthwhile for developing business in this global mess. You might be thinking that building a fully functional mobile app can truly do miracles in this COVID-19 pandemic time for your business? Of course! It will do miracles for you. A fresh study proposes that almost 95% of people are free at their homes, and have nothing to do! It is sighted an upsurge in app downloads and installs since locked down during the corona crisis.

When you consider from a wider outlook, you will come to know that people all around the world are locked down in their homes since a few months back, and to make this time entertaining, they depend on mobile phones. In this hard-hitting time, people are accessing mobile apps for different purposes, including but not limited to playing games, listening to music, reading the latest news to buying groceries and medicines too.

Here are some definite industry verticals where mobile application development services are thriving during the pandemic condition. Let’s read how coronavirus is affecting mobile app development for diverse business domains during this time-

Gaming Mobile Apps-

Mobile games influence moderate stress, render some entertainment and social association, which is highly required during this over-all quarantine. Mobile game downloads are on the rise and there is an increase in mobile gaming as users have a lot of free time to search for games and play. Today, people are using mobile devices 24*7 and accessing several apps to play more mobile games online such as Tambola. Besides, people turn to fantasy sports due to the cancellation of live sports for maintaining social distance.

Healthcare Mobile Apps- 

You are mindful that people are more health-conscious in the current time than the time before the corona pandemic. This is why healthcare and fitness-based mobile apps are rocking during this epidemic. Healthcare mobile apps are trying their best to keep people healthy and safe. These apps help in giving real-time reporting, consulting doctors online, and so on. As per the study of Digital Health, the mobile apps being developed should be based on the integrated strategy that can help in identifying infected people and those who have recently contacted them.

Grocery Delivery Mobile App

While auto riding apps have been flawed during the coronavirus outbreak, grocery delivery mobile apps are making great business records. People are downloading different grocery delivery apps and the figures of downloads are just risen by more than 120%. With the help of mobile apps, the grocery departments have been leveraged to a greater extent and have made it hassle-free for consumers to shop.

While some of these mobile applications are available on Google Play Store and iTunes, others are yet to be released in the market. The best thing is that these types of mobile apps are being developed in different languages to help people in a hassle-free manner.

Wrapping up! 

Many apps are facing a crash and some are expecting a huge crush in business growth. However, the best practices and standard guidelines are still being followed by the top mobile app development companies and take a turn around the ethical and responsible mobile app development using technology.

Well, Covid-19 is not only a health emergency but also an economic emergency. There are different start-ups and small businesses for which it is quite hard to float and make their presence in the market with the current lockdown situations. It is highly recommended to dive into an online business to make your business survive in this epidemic. You need to make the right strategies and plans to deliver the essential services to your customers.

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Together, we can fight Corona! Stay safe, stay home! Follow social distancing and maintain good health!