Top 8 Mobile App Development Trends For 2020

mobile app development trends for 2020

Mobile app development has been evolving and continuously working to reshape the way businesses are performing in the market. Irrespective of the business domain that you own, you need to implement the recent mobile app development trends and technologies to attain growth and gain true market value.

Mobile app development trends assist in transforming your mobile app imagination into reality. Once you follow these mobile app development trends, you will come to know that the results would be far better than your expectations.

Here is a list of mobile app development trends that a leading mobile app development company should follow in the year 2020:

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Evolution of 5G Wireless Technologies: 5G wireless network helps to connect sensor networks for controlling vehicle traffic and identifying streetlight outages. 5G wireless service will be considered as the most important service in the year 2020 and beyond. Without a doubt, the speed of the 5G network will be much faster than the 4G network. Other than high speed, 5G wireless technologies render amazing functionalities like augmented reality, 3D gaming, and data security.

Wearable Devices: Wearable devices have opened up a new space in the mobile app development industry. As per the latest research, nearly 80% of the wearable devices impersonate the features and functionality of mobile phones. Such devices are very useful to track the details on a real-time basis. Such devices are not new to the market. You might have seen Apple watches, Android wear, fitness trackers, smartwatches and smart rings too. Really, smart wearable devices have changed the way people communicate with mobile devices and also gained popularity in the mobile app development market.

Artificial Intelligence for Making Smart Mobile Apps: Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing mobile apps to a greater extent. When you integrate artificial intelligence with mobile apps, you can make smart mobile applications. Implementing artificial intelligence will save plenty of time, money as well as efforts of mobile app developers for improving app functionality.

Besides, artificial intelligence will play a major role in people’s lives in 2020. Apart from enhancement in existing mobile applications, tools such as voice translation, AI-based cameras, and user predictions will find a new space in smartphones.

Cloud Integration in Mobile Apps: Cloud-based applications promise a lot to mobile app development in comparison with native app development. It is easy to create a mobile application running on both the platforms i.e. Android and iOS on the cloud. The cloud-based mobile apps are great to run directly on the cloud. This is why mobile users don’t need to worry about the internal memory storage of any smartphone. Cloud integration renders benefits to both the users as well as app developers. This assists in developing unique mobile apps in a simpler and quicker manner.

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Extended Augmented and Virtual Reality: Extended reality is something for which mobile app development companies have been waiting for a long time. Extended augmented reality and virtual reality are expected to show true potential in different industries such as e-commerce, health care, travel, and education too in the year 2020. This will help in transforming a regular mobile experience of users into something different and remarkable at various levels.

Mobile Wallets: Mobile wallets are very useful these days. Now, mobile users don’t need to pay in cash or put account details for managing transactions. All you need is to simply link your specific account details to a mobile wallet app and this will give you access to transfer money anywhere using the mobile wallet application. You can also make the payment method faster and smoother by adding payment gateways.

Beacon Technology: Beacon is a type of micro-location technology that helps in determining the location of objects in a specific area. It is relatively an older technology, but now it has gained momentum for developing mobile apps. There are millions of devices having a Beacon triggered application that can take the app to the level that GPS networks never could. Using Beacon technology, you can benefit from resource tracking, effective navigation, automation and push-driven marketing in mobile apps.

Accelerated Mobile Pages: Accelerated Mobile Page is a stripped-down HTML version that helps in accelerating the speed of mobile-based pages. With the help of AMP, mobile app developers can create a high-performance website with fast website loading speed. You should know that Google has officially integrated AMP listing with the mobile search results and thus, decreases the loading time of web pages. A good score of the accelerated mobile page helps to acquire an improved conversion rate and a decreased bounce rate.

Well, integrating these mobile app development trends for developing Android or iOS apps is a big leap. You should seek consultation with a trusted mobile app development company such as INFOCRATS Web Solutions. Having an expert team of mobile app developers, they make mobile apps for businesses all around the world. They strive hard to make an amazing mobile experience that grabs the attention of users and ultimately, brings businesses on mobile as well.

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