Use of Video Testimonials on Website’s Landing Page

Use of Video Testimonials on Website’s Landing Page

Testimonials in the visual form are an excellent way for your potential customers to see and hear what your current prospects have to say about your company. According to a study conducted by Invisia, 90% of online shoppers believe that video representations help them make buying decisions.

Video testimonials from the clients capture emotion and authenticity better than any other form of media. About 59% of big companies would prefer video content rather than reading content.

Based on these stats, it is clear businesses need to include video testimonials. Even, if your landing pages do not bring conversions to your business, you can consider video testimonials as a missing piece of your conversion puzzle.

5 Ways To Capture & Share Client Testimonials | by Dan Todd | The Startup | Medium

Are you are scratching your head, wondering how to get video testimonials from customers? Follow some of our tips to encourage your customers in the process of recording a review.

Choose the right customer- The first step is choosing the customer to record a video testimonial. He/she must be someone who has used your services or bought your product and has experienced great results.

Give them a call- Obviously, you would have customer contact details in your CRM, call them first before sending a formal permission letter. Be clear on what the customer should expect.

Give them perks- Offer them some benefits like discounts, free trials, and gift vouchers as compensation for their time.

Send a permission letter- Create a formal permission letter or email and mention every detail such as the time and location of the video shoot. Provide them some questions to answer in video testimonials or generate an outline of the video to allow your right customers to prepare.

Don’t Push- If you think your customer seems reluctant in recording a video, don’t push. Make sure they are happy with your products or services and happy to help.

Apart from this, you can ask your customers to record a review video at the place of their home and later you can upload it when you are about to make a great landing page using video testimonials. Digital Marketing Companies in India can help you in a professional way from gathering data in the initial stage to the publication of your landing pages ensuring you get maximum returns and conversions.

How To Create Brilliant Video Testimonials For Your Business

Pros of Including Video Testimonials on Landing Page

In the USA, most online marketers suggest using video testimonials in the digital marketing strategy and 57% of small and big brands utilize this strategy to get the most out of it.

Strengthens Brand Credibility

Testimonials are prominent on the greatest landing pages since they increase your company’s trustworthiness. After all, only a happy consumer would sing a products’ or services’ praises. You establish that your firm is worth the investment by demonstrating the effectiveness of your offerings and the resultant happiness of your consumers.

Keep in mind that people connect with other individuals. A client testimonial video is a type of word-of-mouth marketing, which is one of the most powerful marketing tactics in the world. A person who speaks about their own experience with a product establishes trust and establishes an emotional connection and might be your prospects become customers.

Fantastic for SEO

What are the benefits of using video testimonials? 

To stay relevant in today’s landscape, your company must be among the top search engine results. Your organization can achieve this through search engine optimization (SEO) and reputation management.

According to Forrester Research research, video content is 50 times more likely to rank on Google’s organic page rankings. So, by incorporating video testimonials on your landing page, you’re providing search engines exactly what they want. Your website will be at the top of the search rankings before you know it.

Boosts Conversions

Showcasing video testimonials is the best way to get a result-oriented landing page for your company.  According to data by Vocal Video, enterprises have seen a 50% of hike in conversion rates when they used testimonial videos in their marketing campaigns.

Of course, you have to invest time and resources to produce videos created with landing page conversion optimization in mind.

Plus, there is the question of how to create a landing page for your business.

You can partner with a professional custom website design company that delivers best-in-class website design and paid marketing services.

How to Optimize Testimonial Videos?

Producing the best video testimonials is just the first step. The next step is to use them properly on the website and make them work for you. This is done using the client video testimonials best practices.

  1. Showcase positive reviews of your service or product.
  2. Keep it short because a customer’s attention does not last more than 70-90 seconds.
  3. Position your client testimonials video at the top of the landing page and center-aligned. This placement of the footage has a 32% higher conversion rate.
  4. Be authentic, make sure your customers are genuine.
  5. Hire a pro;  in order to execute all of these landing page best practices effectively, hire a digital marketing company because they have expertise in creating landing pages for several marketing campaigns.


Have you got your answer on the importance of video testimonials on the landing page? It’s a surefire strategy to boost CTR and positively impact your company’s bottom line.

In 2022, video testimonials have been considered as versatile marketing tools to build trust among customers and get the phone ringing.

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Use of Video Testimonials on Website's Landing Page
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Use of Video Testimonials on Website's Landing Page
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