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We develop your dream website for a solid web presence and paint your design dreams with sharper colors.

How Do We Work?

Being a leading web development company in Indore, we know that an idea needs to reach the right people in order to work. Often, businessmen understand this too. 

However, they are in a dilemma of ‘how’ to make the idea reach its target market. Therefore, this is where the biggest question comes up. Do you have a great business website or even a business website at all? Let us make a robust website for your business. With a decade’s experience, we know exactly how to apply the latest design trends to give the right color to your project.

At INFOCRATS Web Solutions, each website design strategy imbibes the exact theme to suit your purpose. Our focus is always set on user experience and so are our web solutions. From business websites to entertainment websites we outdo them all.

Our Development Services

Our handpicked expert professionals have curated a list of staggering services that ensure successful web design and development for your business:
Custom web design & development

Establishing and expressing your brand through tailored page elements while aligning them with your objectives.

Enterprise application development

Building and deploying scalable applications for organizations to facilitate business needs.

Web app development

Empowering web-based projects that are similar to mobile apps in terms of performance.

Progressive web app development

Using many web-platform features with progressive enhancement for giving users the experience that is on par with native applications.

Graphic Design/ Logo Design/ Brochures

Putting all our creative heads into your designing needs.

Support & Maintenance

Not only do we develop and design, but we’re there to see it till the end.

Develop my website.

Our Process

Your step-by-step journey with us
Information Gathering and planning

We make sure that a well-described and detailed plan based on the pre-development data is received by us. This can protect our clients from spending extra resources on solving unexpected issues that weren't initially planned.


Our top-notch designers will keep your target market in mind, while they create all the visual content, like images, as well as videos, etc. Here we start digging into the sitemap, by defining how the content and features that we defined in the scope will interrelate with each other.

Content Writing and Assembly

At this step, we request you to put in writing the very essence that you would want to communicate. This step also includes adding calls-to-action, catchy headlines, and more. This relates to creating content for individual pages while focussing on SEO. Various tools like mood boards can help us create your unique visual brand.


The graphic elements designed will be used here for the creation of the actual website. It will all be done neatly, according to the website hierarchy created as a sitemap. Frameworks as well as CMS will start getting implemented, ensuring that the server can handle the installation and set-up smoothly.

Testing, Reviewing and Launching

We test every single link, every form, and script while running spell-checking software and using code validators. We test by combining manual browsing of the website on a variety of devices having automated site crawlers that help in identifying everything from simple broken links to user experience issues in the design.


We not only develop and launch for you, we keep your website up-to-date and running it smoothly, ensuring that it is performing optimally. You can rest assured, that when trouble hits you on the way, we will be right by your side, solving it, with our team of experts at your service.

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With INFOCRATS’ website design services in India, we increased the functionality of our business website dramatically.
Tanushree. B
What we absolutely loved about this website development company in Indore, was their maintenance services, post-development!
Bill. K
We couldn’t be happier with our all-new business website! Thanks to the INFOCRATS team!
Jim. N


We are an award-winning custom web design India company to bring to the table more opinions for greater and more effective responses. Our in-house web designers in India deliver performance-oriented app and website designs by leveraging upscale tools, technology, and platforms. Our website design company believes in the utmost client satisfaction and works toward transforming their imaginations into reality through our skilled designers. Be it graphic design, corporate branding, or custom web design and development, our trustworthy services will always keep you on top of the game.

For decades, Infocrats have been operating in the digital spectrum. We’ve worked with a wide range of clients from a wide range of sectors all over the world. Our skilled team has the vast cross-industry experience, allowing us to work on a wide range of website design projects. Here are some of the industries with which we have previously worked. (Real Estate, Automobiles, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Healthcare, Fashion, Wood Industry, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Automotive, Technology, FMCG, Food and Beverage.)

It’s impossible to give an exact timeframe for website creation because every client is different and has various goals for their websites. However, when the project criteria have been negotiated and approved, a simple website can take anywhere from 12 to 16 weeks to complete. This timescale, however, may vary depending on your individual requirements.

Yes. WordPress is a popular content management system (CMS) that now powers more than 30% of the web. Its huge market share is due to its flexibility and ease of use. Don’t worry, our website design company will teach you how to manage it and help you along the way. WordPress is an open-source platform and easy to pick up, which makes it perfect for millions of users and it is a modern CMS platform that allows businesses to create attractive site pages without any need for website development training.

In general, a mobile-friendly website is one that is optimized for use on smaller displays, such as iPhones and Android smartphones, as well as intermediate-sized tablets. A mobile-optimized site adjusts to the smaller screen size and formats the information and interfaces in a mobile-friendly manner, whereas a standard desktop website does not render well on these devices. Absolutely! It is now more crucial than ever to have a mobile-friendly website! We put forth a lot of effort to make sure that your website appears excellent on a number of devices.

As a website hosting company, we’ve managed a ton of websites over the years that have had a great track record of not breaking – we try to be proactive to prevent everything that could go wrong. Our web design and development experts are only an email away! We’re here to help you as much or as little as you need, and we won’t disappear once the site is launched. We’ve been doing this for many years, so we aren’t going anywhere.

From the initial planning stages to design and development, our custom website design company helps you with the best solutions in every stage of the web design process. With our professional web designers, you will get the best marketing tool for a website. Our website design process includes consultation, research, strategy preparation, design, development, testing, deployment, and post-launch support.

A business website is an awesome and powerful tool. But it takes time and effort to get results! If you want your website to do its job and help grow your business, you need to set it up for success. If you are looking for hassle-free, stress-free web designing services in India, Infocrats is the place to be! Being one of the top website design company in Indore our team build websites that have 100% genuine content that makes users stick around, absorb, and convert. Our aim is to design a website that is liked by the users and converts well. Tell us your requirements and we will suggest suitable web design plans especially for you.

Infocrats has established a reputation of consistently delivering the best website design services across all the major business domains. Our web designers and developers specialize in creating interactive, visually appealing, and responsive web designs that attract millions of target users. Our website design services include content writing, logo design, video production, search engine optimization, conversion rate optimization, and ADA-compliant web design.

Converting casual online buyers into loyal customers – that’s what you want as an online retailer. Awarded as the top web design company in India, we can build an optimized e-Commerce store using popular platforms and frameworks. You can choose from various CMS options (Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, OpenCart) or extensive custom programming for eCommerce web development as per your requirements. Infocrats also has expertise in providing services for developing impressive Marketplace, both B2B & B2C Structures.

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