What are Some Big Trends of SEO in 2022?

What are Some Big Trends of SEO in 2022?

The world of SEO as we all know keeps changing constantly. The year 2022 is already becoming an exciting year for this industry. The previous year witnessed a large amount of Google algorithm updates that included the Core Web Titles update as well as the Page Experience Update and all we can say is that there will be more coming up this year. As far as the search engine optimization trends of this year are concerned, they would be focusing on mobile-friendliness, accessibility, overall amazing experience on Google search as well as machine learning. 

As an SEO company in India, we also provide SEO services to its clients, and we always have to be updated. This is why we thought to share all the trends that are going to get big in the year 2022 when it comes to SEO. 

Have a look at the following SEO trends of the year 2022 that are going to become really big: 

1. The imperativeness of backlinks: the fever of the pandemic changed the way we consumed information from all over the internet. In order to win the trust of searchers, Google has decided to place more and more value on backlink equity for rankings of SEO. If you don’t already know what link equity means, it refers to the value that a website provides by linking to your site. This gets affected by domain authority, some current Google rankings as well as other metrics. This means that building valuable backlinks becomes a very good strategy for SEO for anybody. One of the best ways for Google to understand that your site is a trustworthy one and that Google can send searchers to your website is by building backlinks. Backlinks have proved to be one of the strongest factors when it comes to ranking for SEO. However, the importance of backlinks has been debated for quite a few years now, in the year 2022, this is an SEO strategy that should definitely go for.

How Important Are Backlinks for SEO?

2. Video optimization and YouTube are the way to go: last year we have witnessed about 50% growth in the number of channels that are earning $10,000+ each year. We have seen that more and more Google search engine results page known as SERP is being taken by videos. We all have also noticed that companies like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok are motivating video content in order to improve their customer engagement as well as attract new customers. This means that in the year 2022 you should definitely give some weightage to using video content as a part of your SEO strategy. Not only this but using keywords within the title as well as URL and the description of your video are a couple of new ways that add rich information to your YouTube videos while increasing their value. Other tricks that could increase the value of your video content include clip markup, seek markup as well as closed captioning. 

3. EAT becomes fundamental: although you may not find this trend to be a new one, EAT has become absolutely fundamental to almost all parts of search engine optimization.  If you want to give a good user experience along with creating great content while you build up your backlinks as well as end up on the SERP, then your content must have EAT. If you’re still wondering what EAT stands for, it means expertise, authority as well as trust. If you are an expert on the subject and you share the content of the same subject then Google can easily trust you more and send searchers your way. Of course, the more Google trusts you the more backlinks you will get and your rankings will go higher giving you more authority, eventually. According to the Quality Rater Guidelines, there has been a significant increase in the focus on EAT acting as a ranking factor for Google Source. The same will stand in the year 2022.

4. Site usability metrics gaining more importance: we have observed that Google will be prioritizing site performance which creates the best user experience, according to their 2021 page experience update. Google has proved that they will not hesitate in penalizing websites that are not meeting certain speeds as well as UI/UX metrics (core web vitals). This also includes penalizing the websites that come with poor accessibility for the users. Almost all of this will have to do on-page search engine optimization that involves UI as well as UX. Even if you have the best quality content out there, your users will not be able to experience it because of the poor web experience that you are providing to them. There are some site capabilities that you should be prioritizing in the year 2022. These can be a great SEO strategy for you. They include increasing the loading speed of your website, accessibility as well as mobile readiness of your website. 

 Website Usability

The year 2022 will see many more SEO trends coming up. The most important thing is to stay updated and use as many in your SEO strategy as you can. This would ensure that your website ranks high. You can also consider taking the help of professionals like us who deal with local SEO as well as digital marketing like PPC, Content Marketing along with making a great SEO strategy for business, according to the trends of the year. 

There are many more new things that were left for you to explore in the world of SEO. However, you should realize that there will always be things that you are missing out on if you do not constantly stay updated by reading about SEO trends and by practicing the same. The best way you can do this is by sharing such blogs with other people as well as reading them yourself.

What are Some Big Trends of SEO in 2022?
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What are Some Big Trends of SEO in 2022?
The year 2022 will see many more SEO trends coming up. The most important thing is to stay updated and use as many in your SEO strategy as you can.
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