Android or iOS – Which Mobile App Development Platform Should You Choose ?

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In the present year 2020, mobile applications have become a major part for people across the world. According to the recent report by Buildfire, people spent almost 90% of their overall timing on mobile apps. This is why, mobile apps acquire 90-95% of the overall share of the online market community. Besides, it is highly demanding for mobile app developers to build such mobile apps that run on different mobile app platforms.

Android and iOS are considered as the two best platforms among the good number of mobile app platforms for building mobile applications. Both these platforms have amazing features that support unique mobile app development. To decide whether you should opt for iOS or Android, it is important to know the key advantages of each platform.

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Reasons to Prefer iOS Platform-

  • Desirable App Quality- Whether it’s media, gaming apps, or any other kind of mobile app, iOS platform provides customers with the unbelievable qualities, and thus, app qualities are more accountable in this platform.
  • High HTML Support- HTML5 support in iOS enhances the usages of iPhone, iPad, and other Apple devices. It makes iOS more preferable these days.
  • Better User Experience- Apple users can easily upgrade their iOS versions according to the latest upgrades available. This gives a better user experience.
  • Likeable and Dynamic Icons- iOS comes with the dynamic icons that show notifications of the updates and information without the need to logged in.
  • Improved Power Management- When it comes to power management, iOS stands one step ahead than it competitor platforms. iPhone and iPad users are allowed to have an exceptional sense of satisfaction of battery usage.

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Reasons to Prefer Android Platform-

  • Easy to Access Apps- Android apps are easy to access. It has enough capability to run different Android apps without any errors.
  • Highest Market Share- This platform almost acquires 85-90% shares on a global level, which is a good note for the mobile app developer community too.
  • Low Cost App Development- Due to wide-reaching user-base, Android apps can be developed at less prices and even, app downloads are available for free.
  • More Compatibility on Devices- With a better range of hardware, Android provides more compatibility to different devices.
  • Highly Optimized for Social Apps- To build social applications, Android is highly optimized for social applications.

On the whole, depending upon individual’s preference, any of the two between Android and iOS can be preferred. If you are looking to develop mobile apps in any of these two platforms, contact INFOCRATS Web Solutions.

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