Why Does Your Ecommerce Store Need a Unique Mobile App?

ecommerce mobile apps

You might be aware that the craze of internet surfing, for buying and selling goods, is increasing with each passing day! In such a scenario, the E-commerce industry is growing very swiftly and has been reshaping the online shopping experience for its loyal consumers and retailers. Due to e-commerce business, the newest possibilities for business growth have come into existence and they are bringing better customer experience.

To make the e-commerce business successful, smartphones are considered as the next big thing!  It has been acclaimed that 78% of people spend 2-3rd of their overall timing on mobile devices for different purposes such as gaming, shopping, chatting, and so on. This is why, keeping the concern of mobile devices in mind, any e-commerce business should be planned and executed strategically.

As per the recent study and research, the e-commerce sales growth has reached nearly 25% mark and here comes the need of having an interactive and functional mobile app that can add value to the business. If any e-commerce store wants to add more advanced features in its online shop, it should have a functional mobile app.

By the end of 2020, it is estimated that mobile app downloads will reach approximately $180 billion. Have a look at some reasons why e-commerce business should invest in technology and prefer developing an excellent mobile app

  1. Make Your Business Digitized-

Mobile applications have secured a crucial place in making your business digitized. Using unique mobile apps, you can make your e-commerce business digital that assists in fulfilling your customer’s demands. There are different features in mobile applications such as notifications, wishlist, reward system, exclusive content, payment options, faster check-in, and check-outs, etc. All these features provide multi-channel and multi-device experience for your ever-flourishing online store.

  1. Good Customer Retention Rate-

Figures have revealed that if any mobile application renders a depraved first experience, almost 30% of the consumers would go for another brand. Nevertheless, if a user downloads and installs an application from a specific brand, this clears that they are more interested in that brand and approach it for buying and selling purposes. The logic behind it is very simple. They think that that particular brand will provide a better user experience.

As per the report by Criteo, the users of mobile applications are more likely to return to your mobile-based online store within a month as compared to accessing a website. Customers would make more purchases and browse applications more than websites. And, this ultimately, results in higher sales and good customer retention rate.

  1. Higher Revenue Generation-

Mobile E-commerce applications have increased conversion rates and customer loyalty. This helps in demonstrating the lower cart abandonment rates. With the progression of mobile apps in the e-commerce trade, the eco-system has amplified sales through a user-friendly methodology. Customers now have a preference to shop using mobile apps as it is a more convenient, simple, and time-saving option.

Well, it is the right time for business owners to go for mobile app development services and develop a mobile app to cater to the needs of customers with technology. Building mobile apps will reward the business owners with a grand exposure and also, a better position and goodwill in the market.

  1. Apps Can Introduce a Better User Experience-

User experience is a major thing to present your online shop to your patrons and make your sales. Whenever a user visits your store, he/she expects a sleek user interface and easy-to-navigate web pages. However, not all e-commerce based mobile applications get success in nailing user experience of the store.

Thus, one should remember that good navigation and eliminating anything that can sidetrack from the product or services are at the core of better UI-UX for e-commerce smartphone apps. If apps don’t have a better user experience, then there are possibilities that 35% of your suspects will approach your competitor’s store.

  1. Make Your Business Brand Recognizable-

Your customers can make your brand recognizable in the market. When you prefer mobile app development, you will get a good driving force to spread the awareness of your trade and sell in the market on a global basis. As compared to accessing websites on mobile browsers, people spend nearly 25% more time on mobile apps.

One of the good ways to attract the attention of customers is to come up with some discount percentage on products and flash sales. You can give pop-up on your app screen or send push notifications for the available sales and discount offers. This marketing strategy will assist increase downloads and installs of the particular mobile app.

Apart from these factors, mobile applications also come with some in-built features such as voice assistance and navigation control that proves very advantageous in recognizing and strengthening the brand.

On the whole, mobile applications are the front face of e-commerce sales and the numbers of mobile apps have been rising day-by-day. Now, without developing a mobile app, it is hard for any e-commerce business to get success and flourish in the market.

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