Why Should You Be Outsourcing Software Development?

outsourcing of software development services

If you own a grocery shop or retail store that has never outsourced software development before then this may seem a little intimidating for you. Although that is perfectly understandable, when you put your trust in a different company and ask them to deliver results there are some very big advantages to it. 

No matter what size your company is off, outsourcing software development can be a very good step. Whether you are a start-up or even a global corporation you will see an infinite number of benefits when you take the weight off your shoulders and go for outsourcing software development. 

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Various studies have shown that 78% of businesses who have gone for software development outsourcing have had a positive impact on their business from the same. Not only for your own peace of mind but even for your stakeholders this decision looks good as they see that the software development part of the company is being handled by experts. 

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However, if you really want to be convinced about the idea of outsourcing software development for your business then have a look at seven of the key reasons why companies are doing so:

-Cutting down on the software development costs: regardless of having an in-house software development team, you will be able to agree that the cost of software development is too high. You have to pay the wages to your employees as well as provide them with benefits packages, holidays, and more. Many researchers have suggested that bringing a new in-house developer for a start-up can be 2.7 times the base salary including all the taxes, meetings as well as perks provided to them. Now think about offloading such costs into another company. In this way, you will be able to bring a lot more people for a lot less money on the way to outsourcing your development. This is because they will be hired on a non-permanent basis. This would eventually mean that the benefits, holidays, as well as taxes, can be taken care of by the company that you are hiring.

-Bringing in the domain knowledge: this is not to be misunderstood in a way where we are implying that your in-house team is not capable enough for the task of software development. However, the chances that their set of skills are stronger than a whole team of highly experienced developers who are dedicated to only software development are low. When you bring in fresh minds it helps to drive innovation and delivers a better project overall. When you will hire staff you would be looking for a wide range of skills in them. If you have them on a permanent basis then you only have a certain amount of creativity to use. 

However, if you go for outsourcing you could bring in new and better experience software development companies for each project according to the requirement of the projects. This way you will always have fresh heads that can become niche experts and help you understand the market from the user’s perspective as well. Just with the right amount of research as well as great interview conducting processes you will be on your way to making full use of this amazing opportunity of outsourcing software development.

-Hiring specialists leads to saving time: with the developers of outsourced teams the hiring as well as researching work is already done. This means that you just have to swoop in there and enjoy the successes with a minimum amount of time that you will have to contribute to this process. It is suggested by Glassdoor that the average length of an interview process for any business, in general, lasts about 23.7 days. If you outsource, you save this kind of time to be spent. You can also keep in mind that you are saving time that you would have spent on processes like searching for CVs, filtering them online, calling up all the candidates and arranging their interviews, finding out that some of them were absolutely useless and further filtering the ones that you like just a little bit and so on. 

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Even if you somehow manage to do all of that quickly, you will have to create a team of software developers that function together in a great way. This means that they will require a lot of training on how can they work together to bring the most efficient results. However, if you go on to outsource an entire team of software developers then they are already a functioning team and there is no training that you would have to give to them. When you save so much time in this process, you have so much time to spend on other important processes of your company.

All you need to remember for successful outsourcing of software development services is that you need to engage quality tech professionals, get CVs within three days and not give them more chance than that as well as go for risk-free trials if they are available.

If you manage to execute the process of outsourcing beautifully a few times, you will have bigger benefits in the long run.

Therefore, if you are a company that has still not gone for outsourcing software development then we strongly urge that you try the same. 

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Why Should You Be Outsourcing Software Development?
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Why Should You Be Outsourcing Software Development?
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