Here’s How a Custom Website Design Can Leverage Your Company


By now we all know that a great web presence is vital to the ability of a business to grow. Your website would serve as the hub that would anchor all of your efforts related to digital marketing. A website is an essential tool that showcases the products or services that a business offers. It also gives the customers a way to learn more about any organization. In the absence of a strong website, customers are more likely to have a hard time figuring out why they should be choosing you for their unique needs.

Here are two main options that a business has to choose between when building a new website for themselves.

  1. Custom website
  2. Templated website

As you must know, there are various templates for websites available. This makes it easier and effortless to create a new website all on your own. Templates give you a faster as well as more affordable way of developing and launching your business’s new website. However, this leads to one big question; “Should I ever go for custom website design, and would it be worth it?”

Custom website

You may be baffled to know, that in almost all circumstances the answer to that question is a big fat YES.

In short, the advantage that one receives from a custom web design makes it way easier to connect with customers as well as grow the business. And we all know, that ultimately, this is the very goal of having a website in the first place.

If we talk about the differences between a custom website design and templated website then you see how a custom website is built completely from scratch using code. In contrast, a templated website provides you with a pre-designed site that is based on a specific template.

When going for custom website development in India, your web designer works with you to create an absolutely unique website that would address the special needs of your business and provide an exceptional user experience for the visitors of the website.

This means that you will be maintaining control of every aspect throughout the design process. It would ensure that the finished product is a powerful tool for your business growth.

On the other hand, a templated website gives you the ability to add your own images as well as content to the website. However, this is very limited in the sense that the adjustments that you can make to the design features of the website like navigation, color, and more elements like that are restricted to some level. This hinders the process of delivering a fabulous user experience.

Generally, templated websites are fairly easy to set up. On the other hand, you will be needing the help of an experienced web developer or a digital marketing agency when it comes to building a custom website.

So it all comes down to the question; “how is custom website design superior?”

It is a much more effective tool to grow your business over time. We know that the initial cost may be greater, but the following benefits make website development in India well worth your investment:

– You can convey your brand’s unique value to your customers in the exact way that you want to.

– You can improve your search engine results in a more optimized manner.

– Custom website development allows you to have an easy process of scalability.

– Custom website design would give you a more professional appearance.

When it comes to creating a unique brand value and conveying the same to the customers, it becomes an important component of a strong business. These are the elements that go into your brand:

-the logo of your organization

-the colors that you choose directly affect brand recognition

-the name of your organization

-the fonts that you choose

-the styling choices

-the messaging related to your brand

When it comes to custom web design, your web developer or the digital marketing agency that you have hired has the ability to incorporate all of the above elements into your website.

Not only this, but it will also help you maintain control over the layout which will ultimately ensure that all of these elements are organized on the website in a way that makes them stand out and at the same time cater to your target audience.

However, templated sites are constrained by how the template has been organized. This means that it will significantly limit your capacity to leverage such important brand elements in a way that make them stand out to your target audience. Moreover, your site will have a very similar look and feel compared to the other websites that have been using the same template. For the same reasons, it can become very challenging when you want to convey your unique brand using a templated website.

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Elaborating on the second point, custom websites generally do help you in ranking higher on the search engines. When SCO practices are used, it becomes much easier for a website to rank better on search engines. Also, the first-page organic search rankings are imperative to the success of all your digital marketing efforts.

You will be interested in knowing that a study has proved around 80 million keywords, as well as billions of search results, found that approximately 25% of people click the first organic search results they get from Google.

Apart from this, custom websites deliver a better user experience because they’re customized to cater to the unique needs of your target audience. They are also scalable as they will keep growing and meeting your changing needs. Additionally, custom web design can give you a more professional appearance as it is not just coming out of restricted elements of a templated website.

Keeping in mind all of these advantages that a custom website design and development can offer your business, you can be sure that the right decision is to go for customization. However, if you are looking for the ease of templated websites and the restricted use does not bother you, then you could go in that direction as well.