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How Do We Work?

As a software application development company, we have been creating diverse, effective, and super-customized software solutions for corporate concerns since 1996 and are equipped with the latest technology trends helping you gain a competitive edge. Our quality speaks for itself as we only rely on mature quality assurance standards for web application development.

Our Web App Development Services

Following are the revolutionizing services that we provide to make you achieve your web application development goals:
Business Web Application

Creating applications that help in the business operations like Sales, Billing, Inventory, and Services, etc using applications.


Curating business applications to store and analyze data in a relational database.

Productivity & Utility Application

Developing application programs to help users produce documents, graphs, databases, etc. This software increases efficiency by facilitating users' tasks.


Developing apps that facilitate manufacturing automation, process control, and energy management as well as application.

Marketing and
sales Application

Allowing your reps to save time by simplifying their daily workflow, and helping them access up-to-date data regardless of the device they are using.

Conceptual Application

Creating apps that have a theme that provides a holistic context for learning diverse concepts.

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Our Process

Reviewing requirements and creating proposals

We take in all your ideas, mix our own and slowly evolve them into a detailed document. Here, the app goals, technology, features, vision, budget, as well as future plans are listed out cleanly, for your understanding as well as ours..

Web App design

In this crucial step, our expert designers play around with color schemes, icons, graphics, buttons, templates, style guides, user experience, transitions, etc to fulfill the design aspect of the web app development process.

Web App Programming

This is the major one, where frameworks are developed, app features get built, APIs are deployed, payment gateways get integrated, security layers are added, and lots of other capabilities are crafted carefully and with precision.

Labeling and Copywriting

This stage is all about finalizing the headlines, labeling, captions, copy, as well as everything else that exists in the text form. This step is where we execute the collaboration of our designers, developers, as well as copywriters!


We understand that there are hundreds of things that may be going wrong even after we are confident that every inch of the application development process has been performed correctly. This is why we rigorously test before we deliver.

Launching and Maintenance

After we deploy your web application, we make you understand how every digital product big or small needs routine checkups as well as enhancements. Not only this, but we also tag along for the maintenance journey of your web application.

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I’d say INFOCRATS is the definition of a progressive web app development company in India. They really know what they are doing.
Aashvi. P
INFOCRATS was professional and competent throughout the process of our working together.
Uma. K
When the reaction to our new web application was overwhelmingly positive, I knew I chose the right web application company in India.
Miller. S


A web application is computer software that uses the browser to do certain tasks. Through an HTML, AJAX, or API request, it communicates with the server side to process data.

There are two key components to any web application: server-side and client-side. Server-side scripts are used to store and retrieve data in these apps. Additionally, client-side scripting is used to present data acquired via a server-side script on the user interface. Web applications use a combination of server-side scripts (PHP and ASP) to store and retrieve data, as well as client-side scripts (JavaScript and HTML) to present data to users. Users can use online forms, content management systems, shopping carts, and other tools to communicate with the company.

These languages rely on the browser to render the program executable, web applications are typically written in browser-supported languages like JavaScript and HTML. Some of the applications are dynamic and require processing on the server. Others are fully static, requiring no server processing.

A web application requires a webserver to handle client requests, an application server to carry out the operations requested, and, in some cases, a database to store the data. From ASP.NET, ASP, and ColdFusion to PHP and JSP, application server technology is diverse.

We are a web development company in India that purely focuses on building fully functional, robust, and scalable web applications for clients across the world. Our website developers build custom web apps using the right technology stacks that align with your business objectives and help you achieve maximum growth. Our web development company’s end goal is to build quality web applications for you that maximize resource utilization at a low cost. Our web application development services include design and development, testing, and support and maintenance.

Web-based applications developed by web development companies like us have transformed over recent years with major improvements in security and technology. Web apps run on cross-platforms regardless of operating system or device as long as the browser is supporting. Web Apps allow users to access the same version to eliminate any compatibility issues. They reduce software privacy in subscription-based web applications and web apps can be helpful in reducing costs for both the business and end-user as there is less support and maintenance required by the business and lower requirements for the user’s computer.

All types of web applications developed by companies differ in terms of users’ interface,  architecture, and their interaction with the server. From Progressive Web Apps(PWAs) to Single Page Apps, every type has different functionality that sets them apart.

Progressive Web Apps offer an experience like mobile app through enhanced web capabilities. PWA’s is a single solution-based type of web app that caters to more than one platform as per the requirement.

Single page apps do not need to reload for displaying content on the page or any change in the interface. The entire architecture is divided into two-layer server-side and client-side and these layers communicate via API requests (AJAX).

Static Web apps exhibit content that is not flexible interactive. This type of web app is developed using jQuery, HTML, AJAX, and CSS. Though it is static in its characteristics it allows animated elements, gifs, banners, and video to make a web app aesthetically pleasing.

A web application development framework is not just a suite of tools but it can also offer pre-written scripts or codes for certain functions. In addition, our website development company team makes use of these frameworks that has massive libraries with ready-made components and scripts that they can use easily during the web app development process. Some popular web application development frameworks we work on are Ruby on Rails, PHP, Node.Js, Angular, and React.

The web app is a piece of software that can be used by the browser like Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. A browser is an application that is accessed to browse the Internet and a web app needs authentication. The web app uses a combination of server-side scripts and client-side scripts to present information or data. It requires a big server to manage users’ requests.


On the other hand, a website is a collection of web pages that contains content, images, audio, visuals, etc. It can be designed on one page, two pages, and n number of pages. A website provides visual and text content that visitors can view and understand.

Yes, we are a big fan of JavaScript and we always recommend our clients to choose this technology stack for web app development because there are multiple reasons for that, the most crucial one is the price. It’s easy to hire a JavaScript web app development team because of this programming language’s popularity in the world. And its libraries used for React, Angular, and Vue development are a top choice among web and software developers worldwide. Another reason to develop a web app using JavaScript is its code can be reused later if you decide to create a separate mobile app in the future.

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