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CitizenCOP Foundation

Our work area is spread across social issues like safety, women empowerment, juvenile justice, education, environment and more.

We passionately solve any issue that we come across, using technology.

Our aim isn’t just to make a difference, but to do it smartly.

It includes some of the most prestigious awards like Digital India Awards 2016, and appreciation letters received from various law enforcement agencies.


Thoughts behind the concept

Green cover is depleting rapidly! Even if we plant new plants today, it will take years for them to grow into healthy trees. Also, most of these plants do not make it beyond few years due to lack of care. So, it has become really important to focus on conversation of trees.


An initiative that uses technology to distribute surplus food among needy and hungry people.

There are 189.2 million undernourished people in India alone. The aim was to not let anyone sleep hungry, but we knew that was far-fetched. So, we decided to at least take one tiny step towards this giant issue. ‘Aahar’ is our initiative for this cause. It started with one city, and has now been launched in 53 cities, all over India.