How is Video Content Beneficial for SEO and CRO

How is Video Content Beneficial for SEO and CRO

SEO or search engine optimization is many times thought in regard to or in terms of the words on a page that Google “reads” when it is crawling a website. We all know that things like headers, meta descriptions, title tags, and written content on a page are clearly very important, but when it comes to content marketing, it is equally imperative to SEO, if not more. Did you know that when you add videos to a webpage, it can majorly help in improving your SEO? And, of course, we are all familiar with the benefits of SEO & CRO. On that note, you will be happy to know that videos are also hugely crucial to conversion rate optimization, or CRO as we call it. SEO, as well as CRO services, always work in conjunction with one another. This is done in order to drive traffic to a site. Further, it leads to getting the users to take the desired action, which is then called a conversion. Video is crucial to both of these things. In this blog, we will be discussing the benefits of Video marketing and how it helps SEO and CRO!

Let’s dig deep into why video is important to search engine optimization!

We are all required to get an understanding of what Google looks for when it crawls websites. We should be paying attention to what factors into Google’s rankings on the SERP; search engine results page. All of this is required before we answer the question of how video helps with SEO!

Google’s algorithms are very important to understand. They value the quality as well as the relevance of the content on a page in regard to the original search. This is done when Google is deciding what web pages should show up higher in the SERP. 


This is why SEO practices often include optimizing the existing content on a page with the simple process of adding relevant keywords. On top of this, it should be made sure the content being put up is grammatically correct and reads well. This will ensure that there is no duplication of content. 

However, it is a common misconception that Google if only looking at the text on a page. Google also goes on to scan for additional media types, including images as well as videos. This is the way it sees what the page offers, in order to make the search engine’s SERP, more relevant to users. In Google’s eyes, quality content with graphics as well as videos is a jackpot. Such are the benefits of video marketing, that websites with a mixture of quality text as well as visuals are considered varied and informative. This is a process done for boosting SEO efforts and giving you some of those great advantages of SEO. 

And now, let’s dig deep into why video is important to conversion rate optimization!

Did you know that there are about 83% of video marketers have reported how video content has majorly helped them in increasing the average time, for which visitors stayed on their page? In fact, it has also been observed that a video on a website’s landing page has the capability to boost conversion rates by 80%!

The simple fact is that, if you provide more relevant content on your website, the users tend to engage and stay on it longer. On that note, typically, the more time for which someone is actively on your webpage, the more likely they will be to convert. The benefits of video marketing are not only that it helps drive more traffic to a webpage, but also that it keeps the users on the page as video gives them more content to interact with. 

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It has been observed that video also helps CRO as people are more inclined towards buying a product after they watch a video about/for it. This is because of the fact that people are able to retain more content of a message when they watch it in a video, rather than reading about it. 

Our brains are hardwired for visual content. It processes this kind of content up to 60,000x faster than it processes text.

The pros of video marketing are that studies have shown about 54% of consumers ask for more videos from their favorite brands. The best type of content in order to attract people is video. 

We are sure that now you have a good idea of the various benefits of video marketing and how it can lead to better SEO and CRO. Eventually, your business will be able to enjoy the great benefits of SEO & CRO as well. 

By following simple steps, like increasing the amount of video you show to your user landing on your webpage, you can hack into all of these benefits. When you will be attracting users through video marketing, it will enhance your SEO, and eventually, you will be enjoying more of the converted users buying from you. 

So, if you haven’t already started putting out more video content to attract your users, now is the time to get into it. In short, remember these 5 points on how video marketing can lead to achieving search engine optimization results.

  1. Google Cares About Your Video Content More Than Ever
  2. Video Marketing Will Lead to Major Traffic-Generation 
  3. Video Will Keep Users More Interacted on Your Site
  4.  People Are Always More Likely to Link to Videos
  5.  Videos Help in Improving the Value of SEO

Here’s hoping that you are able to relish the benefits of SEO & CRO as well as video marketing.

How is Video Content Beneficial for SEO and CRO
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How is Video Content Beneficial for SEO and CRO
In this blog, we will be discussing the benefits of Video marketing and how it helps SEO and CRO!
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