Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid During Mobile App Development

mobile app development mistakes

Today, the mobile app development industry is growing popularity and can bring your leading business to the whole new world. Mobile applications are expected to produce a huge revenue of nearly $200 billion by the end of the year 2020 and mid-2021. This statistic clearly shows that businesses will get great benefits if they have their own amazing mobile apps.

However, it is a fact that not every mobile app rolls out in the market and attain greater heights of success. Out of 100 mobile applications available on the play store for easy installation, 30 apps get uninstalled after a single usage. There can be different reasons for apps not working in the market. You simply need to focus on developing mobile apps that can fulfill the current demands. It doesn’t matter how much experienced and knowledgeable a mobile developer is, there are possibilities to commit mistakes during mobile app development.

Have a look at the top 7 mistakes that you should avoid during mobile app development-

mobile app development
1. Developing Apps for Too Many Platforms:
With the widest range of platforms available for mobile app development, most of the mobile app development companies fail to choose the best platform for building unique mobile apps. Almost all platforms are equally popular in the market. As a result, plenty of mobile app development companies end up making their mobile apps on all possible platforms at a glance. Though, if you focus on the exact needs and the market trends previously, you can avoid committing such mistakes.

2. Miscalculating the Overall Development Cost:
You might be aware that developing apps is not a child play, it’s a huge investment. Consequently, before you initiate the app development process, make certain to comprehend the right scope of the resources as well as the cost that you would need in the development phase. Once you calculate the overall development cost of making mobile apps, you can easily evaluate the material needed, resources to be hired, development hours, operation team, space, and marketing agenda too. Don’t forget that both app building and marketing are essential to make your application boom in the market, so divide your cost for app marketing as well.

3. Adding Too Many Features & Functionalities:
If you think that you can grab the attention of potential customers after adding too many features and functionalities to an app, it’s your wrong misconception. Adding too many features and functionalities in the application will make the app cumbersome and bulky. It’s a wrong misconception that customers are fond of too many features. As too many features even make the app slow with more loading time. So, sidestep putting your efforts and hard-earned money on adding superfluous features. Instead, emphasize on some targeted features to serve the purpose of your unique mobile app.

4. Overlooking to Perform Application Testing:
Always keep in mind that an app without bugs is all you require to make your clients happy. Though, it is promising only if you give sincere devotion to app testing and its complete analysis. Prior to the launch of your application, make sure to perform application testing. It is also crucial to test the application on multiple devices so that it can work well in any device. This would assist you to get a comprehensive perception of where your application stands among the tough market competition.

5. Not Rolling Out Timely Updates:
A mobile application requires timely updates for better performance. Many mobile app users avoid updates in a timely manner. To make an app a huge success in the market, it is significant to roll out app updates at the right time. The app updates should involve full addressing of user complaints and the recent app trend changes. This will assist you in assuring that no competitor can replace your mobile app.

6. Paying No Attention to Online Reviews & Ratings: 
Mobile app reviews and ratings are important factors to make the app a big success. Once you read online reviews and ratings, you will see positive and negative effects depending on their frustration or enjoyment they are feeling at the time of app usage. Besides, app reviews are the best ways to know whether the user likes or dislikes the app. This will assist you in enhancing your app strategies further.

7. Building Mobile Apps Similar to Desktop Apps:
There are many mobile app developers in the market who are well-versed in developing mobile apps similar to desktop apps. But, it is crucial to take care that they are not mixing app development requirements as the user experience of both mobile and desktop apps are different.

For the error-free and smooth mobile application development procedure, mobile app developers should have rich experience, knowledge, and strong insight related to the targeted audience of any application. And, it is common to commit mistakes at the time of developing great mobile apps, so take care of the above points mentioned and develop a highly-usable and user-engaging mobile application.

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Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid During Mobile App Development
For the error-free and smooth mobile application development procedure, mobile app developers should have rich experience, knowledge, and strong insight related to the targeted audience of any application.
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