Top Mobile App Development Framework that Supports Developing Interactive Apps

mobile app development frameworks
Needless to say that mobile app development has become an important part of individuals’ lives. Whether you are searching for purchasing any items or wishing to communicate with anyone in the world, mobile apps are available to assist you in the best possible manner.
Due to plentiful technological-advanced mobile apps available these days, everything is just a click away. However, it is equally important to know how a wonderful mobile app is developed to attract the attention of customers.
Don’t you know how a mobile app developer develops mobile applications? No worries, simply understand that there are mobile app development frameworks available in the market that support developing unique mobile apps.
Mobile App Development Trends 2020


Have a look at the top 7 mobile app development:


  1. React Native- React Native is a popular mobile app development framework that helps in developing Android or iOS apps. React Native helps mobile app developers to develop high-performance mobile apps in smaller development cycles with quicker deployment times. This is a budget-friendly choice. One of the biggest benefits of the React Native framework is that it allows you to build truly native applications but never compromise on user experience and user interface of the application. It provides a set of native components such as text, images, views, and much more. Besides, it supports a must option for full-stack app development, i.e. JavaScript.
  2. Framework 7- Framework7 is an open-source app development framework. This framework helps in developing mobile, web, or desktop applications with a native viewpoint. The framework permits you to make effective use of certain tools of your inclinations with HTML, CSS, & JavaScript too. In addition to this, Framework7 provides various user interface elements and widgets like side panels, action sheets, form elements, list views, etc. thereby making the app development process more suitable and competent. 
  3. PhoneGap- PhoneGap is an adopted mobile app development framework that helps in building cross-platform mobile apps. This framework runs on CSS3 and HTML that gives the great capability to access the components of your device like GPS, accelerometer, and camera too. Additionally, PhoneGap uses the JS library to offer quick backend logic to develop apps. Using JavaScript, a mobile app developer can write a single app that is installed as a native application across different devices.
  4. Corona SDK- Corona SDK is a leading mobile app development framework that helps in creating compatible cross-platform in a minimum time frame. Instead of having a squad of application developers, Corona SDK helps in building a solitary code base that functions well with Android, iOS, and other related platforms. It comes with a bundle of amazing features that involves amazing graphics, interactivity, and relevant content into the app. In addition to this, Corona SDK app development scales content automatically across multiple devices.  
  5. Monaca- Monaca is an HTML5 based reliable framework developed with PhoneGap and Cordova. It is a cloud-based integrated development kit that makes it unique among other app development frameworks. This helps in allowing app developers to use the Monaca framework without the need to install any third-party app or plugins. They can work great in the browser. Moreover, a desktop application and other tools such as Onsen (Powerful UI Designing Tool) are also available to facilitate working offline. You are allowed to synchronize your work progress on the cloud. 
  6. Ionic- Ionic is a well-known app development framework that assists you in developing interactive hybrid and progressive web apps. It also helps in building cross-platform applications. It is an open-source framework that provides world-class premium services for making amazing apps. Whether you are looking for an Android, iOS, or web-based application, Ionic is the best choice.
  7. jQuery Mobile– If you are looking for a concise cross-browser JavaScript framework, then jQuery Mobile is the best framework on which you can rely. JQuery Mobile is a ready-to-use JS library composed of different plugins including Content Slider, Image Slider, and Pop-Up Boxes too. JQuery is quite simple to understand and use than JavaScript libraries. It requires less coding to get the same features that are developed using other JS libraries.
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