Working to power every click to your website, INFOCRATS Web Solutions helps you reach the right people at the right time. We render targeted PPC advertising services that can directly or indirectly increase quality conversions and improve return on investment. We are a full-service PPC advertising company in India that has the capability to manage pay-per-click campaigns of businesses of different verticals.

We know that reaching new customers online with the help of organic SEO is a tedious and yet time-consuming process. Our digital marketing team proposes the best and result-oriented PPC strategies that help in allowing advertisers to show relevant paid ads to the specific target audience in a timely manner.

Why Are We Your Best Shot?

Google Ads - Through Keyword targeting, we select appropriate and relevant keywords that assist in searching for potential customers online. We combine innovative technology with user-centric paid campaigns to deliver the desired results to our clients.  

Facebook Ads - Today, Facebook is the biggest social media network! Using paid Facebook promotion, we perform social media optimization and drive relevant traffic that brings more sales to your business. Our team not only plans and strategizes paid FB campaigns, but we also analyze performance data as well as optimize social campaigns to improve performance with time.  

Bing Ads - Best alternative to Google ads for winning business online is Bing Ads. Bing search engine has its own platform to run paid ads and its conversions are comparatively cheaper. 

Case Studies

Darling Pumps

LDarling Pumps is a leading manufacturer of SMART submersible pumps. They have been in the pumps market for over 38 years.


Uhlenbrock CPA is a leading CPA firm in San Antonio, Texas. They are experts in offering tax planning, tax preparation, business accounting

Artesia Springs

Based in Texas, USA, Artesia Springs is a locally owned and operated distilled bottled water company. Artesia Springs specializes in providing

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