The Ultimate Guide to Progressive Web Applications

progressive web apps

In the current scenario, a progressive web application plays a significant role in both small and large businesses. A great progressive web app (PWA) is helpful in accelerating technical capabilities, empowering companies and bringing the right balance to the business.

Since the unveiling of the progressive web app, several corporations have taken the benefit of this new platform to target new audiences and enhance their user experience. Progressive web app (PWA) is simple to develop, test and maintain after deployment.

Let’s discuss in detail about Progressive Web Apps:

What is Progressive Web Application (PWA)?
The progressive web application is a methodology that utilizes different technologies for making the most efficient and powerful web apps. Using PWA, businesses have enhanced user experience which ultimately lets people stay on a website for more time and view more ads.

Why Should You Build a PWA?
There are many reasons why you should build a PWA. Have a look at some of the reasons below:

  • Quick Response to Users:
    The user experience of PWAs is not freakish. PWA offers smooth scrolling and also responds promptly when any user interacts.
  • Reliable Services:
    A PWA loads data instantly from the cache. This type of web app works seamlessly on both 2G and 3G network connections.
  • Engaging User Experience:
    PWA provides an amazing user’s home screen and uses push notifications for keeping a high user engagement. It renders a native app-like experience by giving a full-screen work region.
  • Improved Internet Speed:
    Studies say that more than 65% of the world makes use of a 2G internet connection. PWA works well even in slow internet connection, like 2G network speed.
  • High-Performance Website:
    Slow website loading is a common problem. Ideally, a user can wait for 3-4 seconds on a specific website to load its web pages. Using progressive web apps, the performance of a website will certainly be improved.

What are the Major Requirements of PWA?


  • HTTPS Connection:
    Progressive Web Apps majorly require a secure connection over the site to get traffic safely.
  • Service Worker Mechanism:
    Such web apps are independent of the network. Using a service worker mechanism, PWA assists to control the website traffic when the network is not reliable or is unavailable.
  • Standard Web App Manifest:
    In order to develop a PWA, the website should be under the control of W3C manifest. It helps to determine the behavior and experience of a particular web app.
  • Deep Linking is Essential:
    Deep linking of web pages is quite important to build great progressive web apps. This means that every web page of a website must have a unique URL.

Which Frameworks Support is Available in PWA?
In different JavaScript based frameworks, support for PWA features exists. Let’s have a closure look on these frameworks:

  • The Progressive JavaScript Framework – Vue.js:
    Vue.js comes with a command-line tool, known as Vue-CLI. A few days back, a PWA template was also added. This template helps in generating a new Vue.js PWA app using the below commands:
    (1) npm install -g vue-cli
    (2) vue init pwa my-pwa-project
  • Angular JS Open-source Framework:
    Angular JS support is available in PWA. Here, you don’t need to create features of Angular for improving the functionality of a website. Just add the service worker support and app shell for offline Angular 2+ apps. With the help of native service worker support and Angular command-line interface, the PWA challenge can be catered.
  • React JS Library:
    When you start to develop a React JS based modern application with the help of Create React App 1.0, a manifest and an offline-first caching strategy service worker is generated. Once you read the release notes of Create React App 1.0, you will know how can turn this app into an effective progressive web app.

Wrapping Up
A progressive web app is more than just a buzzword. It is a set of certain guidelines that make use of modern browser features that help in creating a more native app-like eye-catching user experience. When you think of developing progressive web apps, be rest assured of getting benefits including, but not limited to full-screen browser mode, launch from user’s home screen, push notifications for website apps, web application installation banner prompt, etc.

Whether you are working on multi-platform web development projects or website applications for a performance boost, progressive web apps are a good choice. It is highly recommended to consult a distinguished web development company to help you in developing unique PWA’s for your business as per the current challenges.

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